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This weeks color forecast, A lovely shade of yellow

My old oncologist refused me when I asked for bloodwork at my last visit. He only does it prior to chemo treatment and since I was once again the dunce in the corner wearing the cone shaped “ Resistant” hat, he was having none of this . My goal was to send it on to another clinic for a tele conferance. Its an onnovative clinic so naturally, this fool balked.
Paying him no heed, I went to my  general practice doctors the next day, explained to the nurse why I wanted the test and behold! I was tested. Went home and looked in the mirror. Is that yellowing in my eyes? No! No! No!
My doctor called just then. My bilirubin had doubled and she wondered if I was jaundiced, nauseated, feverish, in pain, etc. Mercifully I was heading to Madison the next day and other than jaundice, I was still standing.
Next day, it was worse but the dr. thought it was fixable. I had to get ultrasound and then a stent in my bile duct. I went home thinking, “Finally!Something going smoothly!” I know, this does no…

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